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About This Website

The goal of this website is not a competition to any other website. This website should be just considered as an archive. The main goal is, that we keep alive the game Little Fighter 2. In the first drafted website you can down- and upload files. Each upload will check manual, so that the download is not directly available.
The download speed is limited to 1MB/sec (via script). Additionally, each user can just download 1GB/hour. The reason is the terms and conditions of my hoster and to relieve the traffic.
To download files without constraints, buy a premium account xD

Currently, it does not show any information about the download except content and filesize. Author and other information are planned.


The creator of this project is Luigi600. The project is at the very beginning.



The very nice LF2-Style-Font was created by RazenBrenday - Direct Download - LF-Empire Forum Post.

Changelog / Updatelog